Friday, May 11, 2012

50 Shades of Garbage on Kindle

Wait for it -- grinding through the Kindle process right now -- look for a Tweet when it goes live. Follow me on Twitter @dumpsterotica
Marcia and Joe are swept up in the 50 Shades of Grey mania that has hit middle-class America, and while Marcia devours the “Mommy Porn,” Joe scorns it – while secretly listening to a pirated audiobook on his morning commute.

Repulsed and magnetically drawn to it all at once, Marcia comes to Joe with a tantalizing request: can he be her Christian and she'll be his Ana? Is Joe capable of being a dom and Marcia a sub? A frantic search for just the right dumpster – the Red Dumpster of Pain – leads them to a blood bank on the far side of town. After a rousingly intimate session of ropes, whips, empty blood bags and more, they find themselves in their own surreal version of Twilight, as teenage vampires discover them and take advantage.

Are the kids really vampires, or just EMO? Does anyone really care? Just as they get rid of the Twilight crowd, though, an old nemesis appears, looking for blood in all the wrong places for a new art project he might never get a chance to finish...

Can Marcia finish reading 50 Shades without throwing it across the room again? What do Bella Andre, Taylor Lautner, Jon Hamm and Bill Belichick have in common? Will Joe ever really understand what Marcia's Inner Goddess wants? What the hell is an Inner Goddess? And does “down there” really describe anything, ever?

50 Shades of Garbage takes readers of the Dumpsterotica series on a new chapter of the Joe and Marcia saga, a down (there) and dirty look at how BDSM has gone mainstream – all the way to your local dumpster.

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